Alexander Technique Studio /RJ

Alexander Technique's classes are offered in Leblon in Rio de Janeiro. Classes are from morning to night, Monday to Friday. Each private lesson has a duration of 40 minutes. It is advisable to take between one and two classes a week.

There are no contraindications or limit of age and any one can practice The Alexander Technique.

Roberto's Studio, in Rio de Janeiro


Roberto Reveilleau has been teaching periodically in Portugal since 2002, giving classes, lectures, and workshops.

For Alexander Technique work to be more efficient it is important a sequence of classes. Each lesson lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be divided by 2 people. There is also the possibility to participate in introductory workshops usually held on weekends. These workshops are aimed at everyone who wants to know about the work of F. M. Alexander.

In Lisbon, private lessons are given at a teaching room in the Av. Marquês de Tomar. Nearest Metro station is Saldanha or São Sebastião. Also at Calçada de Santana. Nearest Metro station is Martim Moniz or Rossio.


Braga, 2016

Catolica, Porto, 2015

Lisboa, 2015

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais -UNL

Alexander Technique at Hotel Vidago Palace, Portugal, in 2005

Lecture in Porto, 2002

Ponte de Lima 2017 Ilha da Graciosa 2017

Ponte de Lima 2017

Ilha da Graciosa 2017

Instituto Gregoriano, Lisboa 2017 Instituto Gregoriano, Lisboa 2019

Instituto Gregoriano, Lisboa 2017

Instituto Gregoriano, Lisboa 2019

Alexander Technique Training Course



Directors: Roberto Reveilleau and Merran Poplar

PRE-REQUISITES: Training course applicants are expected to have had a minimum of 20 individual lessons before commencing their training, they will ordinarily have visited the school as a visiting student for at least one week and have had an individual lesson and interview with each of the school directors. They are also required to complete an application form.

INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATION: The school, having been approved by ABTA (Associação Brasileira da Técnica Alexander), conforms to the agreed norms of the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies, ATAS. Graduates will be eligible for membership in any of the professional associations around the world belonging to the affiliation. ESTAR

EsTAR is an internationally recognised teacher training course in the Alexander Technique in Rio de Janeiro.


The school in Rio runs 4 days a week from Tuesday to Friday, from 9am to 12:30pm. The training course is three years long with 36 weeks in each school year. There is a minimum requirement of 1600 hours of class time to complete the training.


Merran Poplar


Australian by birth (and at heart), Merran has spent most of her adult life in Europe and now lives in South America.

She graduated from the Constructive Teaching Centre in London in the spring of 1994, having completed part of her training with Joan and Alex Murray in Illinois, USA, and with Arie Jan Hoorweg in Amsterdam, Holland.

In 1996 Merran moved back to the Netherlands, where she was based for 10 years teaching privately, at the music conservatorium in Utrecht, at the Dutch String Quartet Academy, working with women in pregnancy and childbirth and assisting Arie Jan Hoorweg on his teacher training course (ATON).

In 2006 she moved to Buenos Aires to open a teacher training course (ETABA).

In 2018 she moved to Rio de Janeiro where she now resides and where, together with Roberto Reveilleau, she has opened a new teacher training school (EsTAR).

Merran has had a long standing interest in the teachings of J Krishnamurti. In recent years she has also been learning 'Non Violent Comunication'. Another of her passions is walking in wilderness.

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