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Revista Saberviver
March / 2012

"Still little known in Portugal, the Alexander Technique is now used in many countries to help actors, dancers and the general public to detect and reduce everyday tensions."
Zen Energy Magazine
October / 2011

"The fact that we repeat, for many hours, day after day, certain positions affect our ability to observe how we use our body."
Globo Newspaper

"The scientists concluded that the Alexander Technique helps align the head neck and back muscles. Individuals who learned to use the method reported less back pain and better quality of life."
Brazuk Newspaper

"The Alexander Technique offers to the artist a refined perception of himself to deal with his art, having a choice to work without interference of aquired habits"
Público Newspaper
XIS Magazine

"Without notice, we make a huge effort when we sit down or stand up. In fact, what happens is that the head loose it's balance in relation to the vertebral spine and keeps "falling" over the column"
Jornal O Globo

"Several therapies, self-knowledge processes and body techniques existing today had the influence of the principles developed by Alexander."
Comércio do Porto Newspaper
Porto - Portugal

"Not very popular in most of the western countries, little widespread or even unknown in Portugal, Alexander's Technique is a manual therapy of the well-being of the soul and of body."
Boa Forma Magazine

"Through the Alexander Technique, Camila learns how to place her voice and to keep her spine in good shape."
Backstage Magazine
No. 66 / year 2000
pages 120 to 122

"There are not many universities in Brazil that are concerned about the self-awareness of a professional musician. Uni-Rio is one of them. Inside the school's music department a class of Alexander's Technique is offered as an extension course."
Jornal do Brasil Newspaper

"During the classes, a person learns how to move about naturally."
Backstage Magazine
No. 52 / year 1999
page 32

"The moment you choose how you want to use your body, you are able to prevent yourself from feeling tension and can expect a better performance."
Desfile Magazine
No. 106 / year 1999
pages 108 to 110

"By conditioning and of a series of bad habits, we can say that our body became dumber. What the technique does is to restore the body's ability that has been lost."
Jornal do Brasil Newspaper
July / 1998

"The moment you choose how you want to use your body, you are able to prevent yourself from feeling tension and can expect a better performance."
Manchete Magazine
No. 2344 / year 1997
pages 8 and 9

"The idea is not for the student to improve the functioning of his body, but to stop doing that which prevents the organism from functioning well. Didn't understand? Know that the postural uneasiness and indisposition are not generated by the things we do, but by how we do them."
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